The Lions Mane Jellyfish

Someone needs to tell it that it’s not okay that it exists. And the fact that it’s immortal is definitely not okay.

*not sure if Lions Manes Jellyfish are immortal, but some jellyfish species are.

I was thinking of a tentacle rape joke, but then I realized that it’s still too soon.

Plus it probably wasn’t spotted anywhere near Japan anyways.

Is that thing actually real? or is it just a hoax… I mean seriously, that’s enormous and bloody terrifying!

I’m tempted to say that is photoshopped as I haven’t heard of a jellyfish getting that large.

*edit: Alright, apparently it is the world’s largest jellyfish species (that is known), but the largest diameter of bell found was 2.5 meters. That’s pretty damn big considering, although not nearly as big as that picture. That large specimen at 2.5 m was found washed up on shore in the 1800’s and had tentacles up to 120m.

Most of them are a lot smaller:

I don’t imagine much of anything getting as large in the original post simply because of over fishing and pollution. Mind you, some jellyfish, such as the nomura jellyfish in East Asia, can get quite large because pollution in those waters kill off the jellyfish predators.

Even if it aint as big as the original… that’s still creep as hell! :S

It isn’t real, they don’t get that big. It would die.

Hey GSG, imagine fucking one of these jelly fish. would be so epic.

What do you mean by “it would die”?

It would become so big that it’ll do nothing but sit on its girlfriend’s couch and eat nachos until it finally dies from a stroke…but not before going on Oprah and complaining about its condition.

Trillian basically said it. If it got that big, I doubt the material it is made of would be strong enough to support all of it’s functions. Like, if you take a normal jellyfish and try to build a the same thing on a larger scale, you have to take into account that the material itself has to be scaled up. If you try to make a giant jellyfish out of normal jellyfish material, it won’t hold together because normal jellyfish material is for normal sized jellyfish. I just feel like if the jellyfish got as big as the one in the original picture, it would have to have been in a controlled environment and wouldn’t survive in the wild. If the currents don’t rip it apart, I bet animals will.

I would say you’re right, in a way. The jellyfish tissues are specialised for the size of most species. That said an aquatic environment provides freedom from gravitational forces which allows many types of organisms to grow larger than they would on land. But a jellyfish as big as the original picture would be unlikely.

By GSGs logic the pocket giraffe (pictured below) would never be able to grow to be like 10 feet high. Otherwise it’s neck would break under the pressure of gravity.

Learn how adaptation and evolution work or gtfo.

I’m not sure about the one in charle’s pic, but they can be pretty fucking big.

See link.

God dammit, my link is broken. Anyway, I’ve seen videos of guys essentially failing at wrapping their arms around them as they bumped them forward.

Here is an example:

They get bigger. There was an invasion of them off the coast of Japan in 2009. It was insane.

Here is the tiniest, babiest jellyfish the irukandji. so tiny that if it bumps into the side of a fishtank it will be crushed. But if it touches you, you will die.

By that logic whales shouldn’t exist.

GSG, while a goof, may not be completely off the ball. Jellyfish have different body systems than we do, especially considering they are invertebrates for one (and primitive ones at that), while we are vertebrates. There may be cellular interactions that may be hindered after a certain size. There’s also physics related reasons and breathing issues related to certain organisms getting large, hence why you don’t see giant scorpions and ants much like the classic 50’s sci-fi films.

That said, aquatic environments tend to relieve size restrictions, which allows for large aquatic organisms, depending on the species. Many marine organisms have no size restrictions and continue growing until they die or get eaten by something bigger. I still think Charle’s original photo is photoshopped. In fact it is quite obvious when you look at the lighting of the jelly and the scuba diver. The scubadiver has a lighting that would be achieved at a greater depth than the lighting of the rest of the frame.

Why not? Whales are meant to be large, a pocket sized whale shouldn’t exist, but a whale sized whale should exist.

Guys, I’m talking about jellyfish, their bodies aren’t meant to be huge, or they would be. The one in the original post is clearly shopped, not just because of the lighting, but because it is as big as a house. Have you guys ever touched a jellyfish? I have. Me and my brother would find them washed up on the shores where we would go boating. They are very fragile, you can tear them up with your bare hands. Now how much force is there in an ocean current? Enough so that a small jellyfish gets pushed around by it, but a large one only gets part of itself pushed around by it, probably ripping it apart. That is why I don’t think it would ever get that big in the wild.

A jellyfish’s natural habitat is not in the hands of some asshole human out on land. In fact, many deep-sea creatures can actually disintegrate from the LACK of bone-crushing pressure when they’re brought up to the surface. So suffice to say that a giant jellyfish would be just fine existing in the cold dangerous waters of the Pacific ocean, because that species apparently feels right at home there.


On the surface? A lot. If you go down a little bit? ZERO! YOU DUMB BITCH!

I always thought that the skin of a jellyfish had elasticity, so it would be able to expand and contract. While the original image is no doubt photo-shopped in my opinion; I would have thought the others seem somewhat possible? (apart from the Giraffe.)