The last Desktop Thread of 2003

You know the drill.

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I’m going to do one on December 31st just to spite you :stuck_out_tongue:

(if I remember)

my desktop remains unchanged, a picture of Gandalf’s charge to relieve the siege of Helm’s Deep with some text from the movie overlaid on it.

I long ago stopped trying to make my desktop interesting or original. I’ll have a real crack at it when I get my own laptop. Until then Eva Unit 01 will shall comfort me.

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Nice desktop BTW Xelo, where’d the picture come from?

I got more icons now, isn’t that great?

Pierson: I think seph looks hawt >.>;;

Ninjas >>>>> j00

My desktop hardly has anything on it, now that I put all my zips in one folder.

That’s the raw image used.

Look! She has wings!

Mabo: Is that Tarja from Nightwish? =)

ANd I’d post mine but it’s a boring standard fluxbox theme, so…

Originally posted by Wertigon
Mabo: Is that Tarja from Nightwish? =)

Hm, dunno. But somehow I doubt it.