The Kinks > The Beatles

The Kinks are totally better than the Beatles. Just look at this! The British Academy of Composers decided the top song of 1955-1964 was written by the Kinks, not the Beatles! The only reason the Kinks were less popular than the Beatles is the American Federation of Musicians conspired against them, robbing them of their legacy. Maybe they were planning on revealing the truth, that there is no moon, and that the moon is just a vast conspiracy! Another coverup perpetrated against the American people.

gasp It’s a conspiracy!

It’s actually probably more because the Beatles started with “I wanna hold your hand” when the Kinks were experimenting with distortion, drinking enough individually to kill entire families, and their big love song was to a crossdresser. By the time the Beatles’ lyrics got intelligent enough to scare the common music listener, they were popular enough that the change involved in not listening to them was far scarier.

Arthur was born just a plain simple man / In a plain simple working class position / Though the world was hard and its ways were set / He was young and he had so much ambition / All the way he was overtaken / By the people who make the big decisions

Erudite as the lyrics are
Hey, how erudite!

Despite silly articles The Kinks are good though. We need more kinks.

Oh, the Kinks – that was a great band, indeed.
If there was a song that I could relate to – before I crossed to the other side, found the religion, and joined my Guru, the Oracle of Omaha – then “State of confusion” would definitely be the one.

Standing on an island
In the middle of the road.
Traffic either side of me,
Which way will I go?
I shouldve stayed at home,
I should have never come outside.
Now I wish I never tried
To cross the other side.

That’s not even the best Kinks song to award this most dubious honor, being as empirically incorrect as it is. I know of few songs as cloying as “You Really Got Me” and prefer the Romantics’ quasi-ripoff, “What I Like About You.”

I don’t like the Beatles, and I don’t even know who the Kinks are :stuck_out_tongue: What are their well-known songs?

EDIT: Okay, I saw them in the above post :stuck_out_tongue:

Curtis, “You Really Got Me”. Its youtube vids more or less suck.

The Romantics video is hilarious, thanks Sil.

Yeah, I dont really care much about the Beatles or the Kinks, Him just asked me to make a post about how the Kinks are better than the Beatles.