The Kairi Avatar Thread

This is specifically why I think all anthropomorphized concepts should be represented with MEN! Anyway, discuss.
What kind of feelings does her blatant disrespect for america and justice stir inside you?

Now you’re one step closer to being universally unloved. :expressionless:

There is nothing wrong with Kairi’s avatar nor the movie avatar.

Besides now I have something to picture when having to force myself to pledge my allegiance.

Reminds me of the best shirt ever:

That’s really what it reminds you of? I’m reminded of much more pleasant things.

So you would prefer if Mister Liberty and Mister Justice, two dudes, were making out?


I have no issues with Liberty on Justice (or vice-versa) action involving women. : )

woops, replied to this in the wrong thread.

What has America done lately to be respected? At least now it looks hot.

We’ve been helping Haiti…and stuff.