The Human Centipede


I just watch this movie last night…I couldn’t finish it. It was brutally disgusting.

I was curious about the movie when I first read about it. What is it that you found particularly troubling throughout what you saw? What made you stop watching it?

I really didn’t get a chance to watch it, mainly because the regular theaters here wouldn’t touch it, and the little indie theater didn’t play it for very long. :confused:

I saw the Tosh.0 review of it where he’s riffing it and making seem hilarious.

Usually I find awful movies like this hilarious but honestly I’ve watched it and it’s just terrible.

Wait. There’s somebody out there who unironically watches Tosh.0? WTF?

So the South Park episode was ripping on this? I did not realize that.

indeed, me neither o.O there’s an actual movie like that? how positively horrible.

I fucking love Germany heil Hitler and this Human Centipede guy

Why do I get banned for like 6 months after posting the same picture of starving african kids that zeppelin posted a week prior. But URIEL gets to post pictures of people surgically connected mouth to anus and Sinistral is just like “I was curious about the movie when I first read about it.”


Seriously tho it’s a piece of shit no pun intended.

Can you elaborate Rinn?

I stopped watching when the girl in the back died. I can feel the ass & mouth pain. Ugh.
Charle: I figured it was worthy of conversation cause it truly is medically possible. I didn’t know Tosh & South Park did a riff on it, I’m not big on tv these days. I spend most of my time writing songs, downloading music, playing any pre PS2 RPG, & creating a new tabletop RPG based on a mix of Raganarok, FF, Saga Frontier, Chrono Trigger, Legend of Mana, & Diablo systems/techs/magic/equipment formulas. I’ve got everything but the battle system & a Summoning system down on tons of paper. I even added twin, triple, quad, & quin combo techs that are triggered on critical hits D&D systemwise. Then the Combo Techs can be used anytime by the party members who performed the tech the first time if the right techs/magic are available to them & their initiatives are close enough.

Sorry for going off topic, but tuis project is the baby I’ve put together ove 5 years of work that i started in prison.

So how did you get into prison and how did they let you out? Robbery and drugs, eh.