The Hulk sings karaoke

This was so noteworty that I needed to share.
I drive an old '88 Volkswagon Jetta. The thing has its fair share of problems, main example being that it collects water when it rains too hard, but that’s a different story.

This story is about the radio/tape deck. I don’t have an antenna, and live right next to two mountians, so most of the time I listen to my tapes or cds, but my cds were stolen recently… again different story. So now i only have the tapes, which is cool, but sometimes the tapedeck dosen’t play the tapes at full speed. So insteed of ruin my tapes I drive in silence, most of the time. Depending on what tape it is, it might take a while to confirm that the deck is indeed being possed by Bill, the ghost that haunts my car… long story (I’ll tell you all about my car later, if you want) Anyway it takes time to see if the tape is moving slow or if the song is suposed to sound like that. Best judge: vocals, and this is what Kraken and I discovered. First that Aerosmith, when slowed sounds like the backward satanic messages that all the records in the 80s had imprinted on them, and second: ACDC’s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” sounds like the Hulk singing Karaoke.

Take a moment and imagine that, I did. :mwahaha:

I’m having a hard time imagining, due to my lack of an imagination. Please enclose a recording in your next letter; I’ll pay for the extra shipping. (In other words, get a .wav or an .mp3 or a .gif or something.)

That would be kind of hard for 2 reasons.

  1. I don’t have recording software
  2. It is my car’s tape deck, and if I did have the software, I can’t think of anyway to get a decnt recording off of it.

Just try the visuals