The HLC successfully smashes particles

I stayed up long enough this morning to catch some of the live broadcast at CERN. There were a lot of people standing about, anxiously looking at data on monitors, everyone talking and joking–then all at once, it got DEAD SILENT for like, half a minute. Then a loud cheer exploded–the particle beams had successfully been aligned. It was awesome to see history in the making, but unfortunately, it was about 6 am and I was exhausted from doing so much crap earlier, so I had to zonk out. :frowning:
But it was so cool to see that they finally got the sucker working! :smiley:

NY Times article:

Basic Cliff’s Notes version on Twitter:

I read that for this to create a black hole, they’d have to compress 3x the population of Geneva into something the size of a billionth of a thousandth of a millimeter or something.

Man. Talk about an intense Geneva convention.

Now they’re going to test it for 1 1/2 years at half power? It’d be hilarious if by the time they do full power it’s around the end of 2012 and something terrible happens.


Right, they should probably just turn it off during 2012.

I know, I noticed after I posted >_>;

It’s good to see the thing working at last. I’ll see if my acquaintance who works at CERN has anything special to say.