the hills of los angeles are burning

The Santa Ana winds are blowing huge clouds of smoke and ash into the valley, everything smells like it’s on fire and it’s getting pretty annoying.

The hills are alive with the sound of music?

so many lives are on the breeze, even the stars are ill at ease

You gotta love this time of the year in Southern California. It doesn’t sound quite as bad as last year though. The smoke never really bothered me, just because it always reminds me of campfires…but it does get old after awhile.

You guys need to come live in a wetter country.

Fucking fires.

palm trees are candles in the murder wind

A new country? Fuck that, they can just go north to Washington. It’d be plenty wet there.

Or come to enjoy the eternal frigid tempests of Canada

California…land of disasters. They got landslides, mudslides, earthquakes, wildfires, heavy winds, and the occasional (or rare?) Pacific hurricane.

At least you don’t live in Tornado Alley. I’m lucky to have never seen one, despite how close they’ve gotten to where I’m at. Tornadoes definitely suck to be around…but few fires over here.

Funny how few people notice that the most populated areas in Canada are about as far south as Madrid, which is pretty fucking hot. Frigid tempests my ass. At the right time of the year, Ontario will burn your ass as hard as Cali.

Unless we’re talking about like, Death Valley shit here.

Err, maybe Toronto or Montreal, but Vancouver (3rd largest city last I checked) is around Northern France/Germany/Southern England latitude. Big difference though I guess? hah

In Canada, any difference is a big one. But because of the tilt of Earth’s axis in the summer, the band of high temperature is actually centered a lot further north than the equator. It can get really hot in France too.

Canada won’t save you from heat unless you live in Prince Rupert or something.

Also, Vancouver may be the third largest individual city in Canada, but the general region is nowhere near as populated as Southern Ontario. A solid third of the people in Canada probably live here :open_mouth:

Hades is just cranky because his ice palace that he leased the other day melted

His igloo’s still ok though

On my map the parallel below Madrid seems to pass under NY. The parallel height isn’t the only warmth criterion of course.

NY is just barely south of Toronto. It’s honestly like a 3 degree difference in latitude. I call that the same general area :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t

I was looking at fucking Vancouver (SW border fail) :frowning:

That’s a relief. My igloo was broken into not too long ago… I had a couple beaver furs jacked. Boy, was I hosed.