The hardest flash game in the world

I just beat this stupidly hard Japanese flash ASCII-guy-meets-megaman flash game. It’s amazing what being stuck at work for days at a time bored off your arse will do to a man :moogle:
(arrows to move, z jumps, x shoots, he has a few emote moves but they don’t do anything of any importance. Click the japenese text to start to enable save points, if you click the english start text you’ll have to start all over every time you die)

So far in the hour I’ve played I made it as far as the Air Man guy, but I’m too tired to continue and I need my beauty sleep.

So how far do you think that puts me at?

I got to the cat thing once and then died. With these piss-poor controls, the only way to progress is to memorize the exact button presses needed to survive - and there’s probably only one way to do it. I remembering dealing with that garbage for the last level of Ninja Gaiden. Thanks, I’ll pass this time around.

It’s a shame. Cute idea.

I Wanna Be The Guy is harder. Without being stupidly cheap.

Hmm… I’ll have to check out I Wanna Be That Guy when I go back to work tomorrow for the weekend :(. The air guy is about halfway (he’s the first of two bosses - he’s easy once you figure him out, unlike the second boss who is just “Oh hi you’re dead now” 10,000 times in a row), if you found the kitty you went the wrong way.

Ok so I’ve gotten past Air Man for the second time. What now? (I seriously don’t want to have to fight him again. >_< )

I can’t beat the last boss so fuck it >:(

I don’t even know what to do after pedobear.

I envy your patience.

You’ve been going the wrong way. You’re supposed to get under the spikes of doom. I think. Or else climb the falling spikes of doom chain. It’s hard to tell.

I hate you guys, I can’t even get past the first level O_O!