The Happy New Year Thread

Since nobody’s done it yet.

Happy 2006 to everyone! Any new year resolutions you’d like to share?

It’s not 2006. It’s really 2005.

timezones (omg)

1280 x 720


(Hint: John Cena)

Will he overcome all the odds once again? :open_mouth:

Trill gains 10 cool points for having a WS Monitor.

Although mine is 1440x900

Happy new year everyone. Let’s all have a party and invite our pants down.

Happy new year for everyone. I suck at these “happy wishing” messages.

Happy New Year to everyone!!
Hope 2006 will be a better year for everyone.

Gruuh. Don’t even mention New Years. I hate fireworks, I hate New Years Eve!

1600x1050. I win.

You’re all living in the past, man! WAKE UP TO THE FUTURE! THE FUTURE IS NOW!

Although most who’ve posted here are still in 2005, happy new year all :>

Resolution: Vengeance.

May this year suck less than the last. :toast:

Happy new year from GMT! The only timezone you need!

You’re jealous, Pie. You’re jealous of my +10 GMT.

More like -14.

No resolutions for me. I’ll just try to have an interesting year.

Screw resolutions, just be glad you survived another year. :hahaha;

Not New Year’s here yet, but since I won’t be online at the time (I’ll be over at my brother’s for my family’s first big get-together in years):