The Greatest Idea Ever!

Originally posted by Nulani
Best of luck.
Try and make something that isn’t cheesy Japanese comedy. I hate cheesy Japanese comedy.

Non-cheesy Japanese comedy?
That exists?

Well best of luck to you, though I doubt you’ll follow through with it.

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The most expensive version of Maya is $7000, the normal version is $2000, and there is a free version for non-commercial use.

Ah, my mistake then. I haven’t looked up the prices, I had just asked my brother while I was up there and thats what he said. And yeah, I have the gree version, though basically no clue how to use it. But my point stands that it’s going to cost a crap load of cash just for the softwear to make the anime.

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As all of you don’t know (due to lack of interest and other reasons entirely my fault…), my hobby and possibly future career(other than mortuary school) is making comics and poetry and such. So today, I am starting the first of my greatest ideas ever! As soon as I get the software, I’m starting my own anime! And hopefully, one day I’ll share it with you guys! >Sniffle< I feel all warm and fuzzy…

Yay! Go dreams of a 14 year old Kindom Hearts fan! \m/

Here’s my suggestion: start with a comic book or manga. That oughta be easier fer one thing. If it gets popular enough, you can try and get a show based on it going. And my other suggestion is, wait til Cherubis posts again to see if this is what she has in mind, or what.

It’s a nice idea, so I wish you the best of luck, Cherubis.

But I doubt we’ll be hearing much about this in the future.