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That’s pretty ridiculous. The only reason that kind of thing works on the Bible is because it’s assumed that God wrote the Bible with this kind of thing in mind, hence there are lessons to learn from it. However, no one says that the way that generic words happen to contain certain letters would mean that they’re any holier or “better” than others.

Also, gematria is really only for the Hebrew alphabet - 22 letters, no numbers. :sunglasses:

<Just silly.>

The phrase “YOUR HEAD A SPLODE” was considered 99% good, 1% evil. I’m not kidding.

“all your base are belong to us” ranked as 99% good as well. Engrish must be considered holy then.

“I AM THE GOD OF HELL FIRE”= 99% good, 1% evil.

Site= fucked.

“Fuck you bitch.” is 99% good!

Yeah, this site sucks.

“I’ve eaten babies!” is 99% good. :mwahaha:

Yeap, this is certifiable BS.

It takes words and characters in the source code and the actual text and sees if they are multiples of 7 or 13 etc. It’s pure bullshit, of course.

I didn’t say that it was valid… I don’t know why everyone was making the assumption that because I found it interesting that it had any value whatsoever. =p

goatse got 20% evil, 80% good.

Of course it’s BS, the Bible wasn’t written using the Roman alphabet, therefore the numerical values of words don’t correspond to A=1, B=2, etc. Bah, maybe if they had done some intelligent research about numbers and meanings it would be interesting.

“Sex with your mom was good last night.” 99% Good, in fact.

…Yeah, that site’s got issues…

Well, this is somewhat interesting.

“Fuck God he sucks” gets 49% evil.
“Atheism owns.” gets 1% evil.

It’s not the site. They are using someone else’s bullshit and mocking it. =p