The future of the archive...

Okay, semi-decently lengthed rant here:

If anyone’s checked the fanfiction section, they should notice that there’s been an update, which I never added to the front page. As I said somewhere earlier, the last update was hell on me. In between moving into the dorms (thus losing my dedicated internet), changing computers, having all the fics refuse to open when the time for HTMLizing came, losing entire emails to Outlook Express, and all manners of horrible things, all I could churn out was absolute shit.

Weiila was even kind enough to help with the PHP process, adding all the fics from N-Z. Unfortunately, I haven’t stepped forward with my end of the deal: adding all the other fics, along with the ones Star never added past the main page. I have authors breathing down my neck, the archive is in dissaray, and on top of that, I have a fucking twenty-page essay due next Tuesday I haven’t started on.

Basically, the archive WILL be PHPized, hopefully in time for the Christmas update. I will fix what I can, but I doubt the archive will ever be truly complete. I will expose my shame to the rest of the world soon, in hopes of getting more fics for another update. Just getting the files up takes a miracle; I have to cart the damn things to the computer lab just to get an internet connection, much less a FTP.

I don’t even know why I’m writing this; I just needed to vent my frustrations, I guess. I love the fanfiction archive. I want it to shine again like it did under Mazrim’s and Weiila’s reign. Until the PHP is done, however, it will simply be an uphill battle. I asked for another maintainer at the staff forum, and basically got laughed out. I also asked if I could recruit a non-staffer to help, but was told no. I’m now stuck here by myself.

Thank you, and goodnight. (end useless rant)

OK, I am willing to learn to Code PHP… And I have an “permimant” Net conection until the possibly which I could lose next September. I am on the last year of a Course, which means that next year after I could/should be at univserity.

Whist my writing is poor, but understanding is usually great, I just poor at expressing ones self. But I’ll try to help fix said problems.

I may Post Fanfic for the checking, partucallty If I think I could be not recomended. My Lemon/Lime tolerance is more for 11-16 age group, even with My own storys I check about more about.

I am currently working on the Pokémon Gold/Silver Shrine, So bring me on a non-shiner staff, until I’ve finished it.

Don’t worry Gallo, I understand for one hugs You don’t have to feel like you’re lagging, there’s been a lot to do and I know from experience that the PHPizing is a pain in the ass.
Don’t you worry, once that PHP is done you’ll have an automatic helper lightyears ahead of what me and Maz had :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t know anything more than (<I>very</I>) basic HTML, so I can’t really help you in any other way than wish you luck.

But I hope that things will work out and that the archive starts working like it should again.