The following two games...

…haven’t been heard from in ages, so I’d like to know what happened to them.

  • Shin Megami Tensei NINE (XBox) : The game that’d probably end up convincing me to get an Xbox, if it ever gets out here.

-Too Human (GC) : I hope this is not cancelled, the idea seemed WAY too cool at the time.

And I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t be rude, thank you.

Sorry Igatona, but I can’t help you there! Never heard of 'em before…

Oh yeah, from what I’ve seen, asking people not to be rude seems like a miracle, so far. Oh well…I’ve only been here for a few days, so I should really keep my trap shut…

Eh, we have bumpy days, and we have sunny days, can’t expect a community to be all sunshine and lollypops 24/7

<img src=“”> Never heard of any of them, although after doing some research on Too Human I figured out that this will be a must-buy game, but not the release date.

I do recall hearing about them, but I actually forgot about them… heh

I would look at sites like , look at the TGS lineup and look at their upcoming releases. That’ll tell you if anything got cancelled.

I know, I’m checking, STN will not be cancelled, that much I know, but I want to know when it’ll get out.