The FMA movie is out.

The torrent for it dropped last night. It’s a PPV rip. I guess it was shown Dec. 9th, before the DVD came out, which will be next week.

Can you tell me the ending? I don’t want to download it.

I hereby direct everyone with torrent problems since god knows everyone and their mother is leeching now to my f-serv.

Poor TD. I’ll wait for a little while to get it, I still need to watch the last couple episodes of the series.

Someone please link me. I have no desire to grab a 30 part rar off TD now that I have working torrents.

I just sent a pm telling you where it is. Check your inbox

It’s sex in anime form. Believe me.

Is everyone using the same source I am for their zeta gundam fma advent children stuff

Can someone give me the link too?

Check your inbox

That was frickin’ awesome. The subtitles were terrible (at least in the version I saw) but they did a great job of tying up all the loose threads and gave us a bittersweet ending. I found it easy to remember who was what and what happened earlier, even though I finished watching the series over a year ago.

SPOILERS: I thought it was particularly neat that the “real world” version of the “alchemy world” Fuhrer was Jewish. It’s also interesting to see how they portrayed pre-WWII Nazis… in an American movie, there’s no way any of them would have even been as sympathetic as they seem here, which isn’t very. The only thing I really got annoyed by was the mindlessly evil Nazi lady… it’s like they threw her in just 'cause they needed somebody to punch.

It also unfortunately looks like that’s the end of the FMA canon, unless they a) concentrate on stuff that happened during the series’ timeframe, like the games do, b) totally betray what they did in this movie, or c) relegate themselves to a much less interesting production.

I particulary liked how they started playing old subtitles at the 1:20 mark.

YOu mean bad translation, or did they have those old yellow/white subtitles from 90s anime videos

I mean bad translation, bad timing, some sentences with no subtitles at all…

I noticed the timing was a good 5 seconds or so off after they started to speak.

deth and kiro did you get your pms i havent seen a response or a pm from you guys

I tried to download the movie …once and erm bad quality and the second time i downloaded it <_< FMA movie my ass kicks e-mule but i am so ansious to watch it ; __ ;