The first one of this year

Desktop Thread :smiley:

<img src=“”> The last desktop thread didn’t even dissapear off the first page yet.

Shoot, I don’t have any image processing software right now. And I have such a great desktop, too. XD

These Desktop threads are getting a tad annoying.
Just an excuse for a free post.

clicks ye here

It’s not changed yet :get it?:

Bah, I’m just used to there being one at the beginning of every month. Like 90% of the other sites I go to do.

Xelo; nice 'top though. Where’s it from?

Originally posted by Ren
[b]The bitch didn’t want to play Unreal Tournament with me anymore, so I put her to better use.

I’ve got another one now, one that plays all the games I want with me, and without complaining. And she’s angelically beautiful.

Edit: can’t decide which’s best, I just loved Devillion’s and Pierson’s wallpapers. [/b]

Haven’t gotten around to change it yet. I’m lazy.

I don’t care if its crappy…I only made it to put my desktop on…didn’t feel like village photos.

NeoGeo > All