~The Fine Art of Pumpkin Carving~

So how do you usually carve a pumpkin? I usually pull the guts out first, then carve, but this year, I’m gonna try a sort of pumpkin bas relief. :3

(and post pics if you’ve already got a carved pumpin!)

I just carve my pumpkin into cool faces/ pictures, stick it on my porch, and then go out and get free candy. Pics will arrive once I carve it.

Shave it with a dremel. The different degrees of translucency can give really cool effects. I haven’t had a real halloween pumpkin in years, but I win a lot of pumpkin carving contests this way.

I don’t bother. They always get smashed anyway…

I don’t get to carve pumpkins this year. We wanted to have jack-o-mation in front of our dorm, didn’t work out though. Everyone was a bit too busy with midterms and the like.

We carve ours into faces and stuff. After Halloween is over we like to throw them really high in the air and shoot them with shotguns.

I don’t, but my sister does. She’s really good at it, too. We’ve got these fancy-pants carving tools. She draws the image on paper first, then tapes it to the pumpkin and pokes holes at key points.

Man, I wish I still had pictures of a pumpkin my friend Cat and I carved last year, it won two contests, and was all trip-artsy.
Also, she did fucking everything other than the messy guttings and heatknife cutting.
I mean, it was my genius.

I use my swiss handknife’s larger blade’s tip to draw the face. Then I pierce along the lines. I put an angle with the balde going to the center of the piece so it gets easier to pull. Then I lever-pull it with the blade, or simply pull with pincers I have in the handknife. Then I proceed to smoothing the exposed parts of the pumpkin with some other tools. For example, when I want to make the eyes deeper, I use the handknife’s screwdriver to smash and remove the inner of the eye. Then I use some tea spoon to carve it smooth.

I’ve only seen an actual real pumpkin once, let alone carved one. And I’m proud! – Bloody import holidays.

I like taking the seeds from the pumpkin and putting them in the oven on a cooking sheet.

Toast them up and eat them. Good stuff.