The final "Retaliation":"Aureate Finale"

Joker, I’ll tell you now, you are GOOD, and I don’t just mean good I mean GOOD, your writing is so powerful, full of impact and dark. It’s truly wonderful don’t be too critical to yourself, what I’m gonna do is get my english teacher to review some of it (with your permission) and she can give it a GCSE grade, and then (if you don’t know) I’ll tell you what that means.

Okay let your english teacher see it… Thanks for that.

I mean, I had started a project named “Regenesis:Auramorph”, a fantastic fiction NOVEL I was writing with everything, map, world, etc., but decided I had to know a bit about religion and politics.

I’m into writing so much, and I need critisisms, as long as they’re… Constructive…

Thank you so much, cause no one else but you and Weiila sees it fit to comment on Retaliation:Afterpiece Noir