The final "Retaliation":"Aureate Finale"

May I ask if anyone is sick and tired of my “Retaliation” series?

Not like you read “Afterpiece Noir” yet huh?

I mean… Okay, so Squall has nothing else left to do. But what if he finds out both of the breakdowns of his life were the work of another person with a deeper wound towards him? Someone no one that has read could even guess at? Someone that can even control C.O.N.C.E.A.L.?

Someone so close to him?

And this time- I think our hero will meet his downfall. But instead of naming it “The Fall Of The Lion” I preferred “Aureate Finale”.

So what does everyone think?

checks the list of characters Nothing wrong with Retaliation, but it seems you’ve run out of game characters… /end fic humor.
Well, sounds alright to me, people will be able to chip in after the update :slight_smile:

I haven’t checked the Fanfic section for ages so I didn’t even know Noir was up >_>

Afterpiece Noir isn’t up yet, probably in Weiila’s next update, which shall be like… In two months- since life has been busy.

And Weiila, I didn’t run out of game characters… Not just yet buddy. There still are a few characters to kill. I even wasted Nida and Xu who were almost NPC’s. Edea, Ellone, C.O.N.C.E.A.L. itself, and miraculously, Cid is still standing. They MUST DIE!!!


No seriously, Dr. Odine is still not there, how about C.O.N.C.E.A.L.'s more major role? The hunter knife? Why so many girls dead? Who? Why?

Yes, the last dice is gonna be thrown.

Cause I still have a few lives to waste.

So should I go at it, should I go at it?

Ah, yeah, I knew you had missed somebody… I guess the GF’s are next? ^^;;

I want teh Noir ;_;

Oh the GF’s! I had completely forgotten them, lol!

Seriously folks, Squall’s never-ending-life-spent-utterly-in-darkness-but-it’s-all-just-a-retaliation plot will reach to it’s grand finale soon. Once I finish “Private I” as Detective Kinneas.

Sephiroth Hayes, what do you mean you want teh noir? You want it in word format?

I want it in the Fan Fic archive glares at teh Weiila

But then again you ARE busy so… huggles

It’ll be done, hopefully tomorrow… not today though, the Svärdsjö (Swordlake) mafia is coming over to visit. That is, a family of friends of ours. Really!

o_O yay new fics to read huggles

tomorrow!? Nice… I’d be more than glad! Cause I can’t get to decision bout my fics unless I see them from a reader’s perspective.

Oh, just you wait… I think we’re hitting a record in the amount of fics ::dekar!::

Thank you but one thing caugt my attention.

First, Penultimate Force was supposed to be 14 chapters long, and I kinda can’t see the whole story there, though I sent it.

Second, Zell’s Interruption comes after From The Inside, not before Part Six…

Hmm. Guess you were in such a hurry that these escaped. Can understand that, though.

Anyways- Noir is up, opinions?

For Penultimate force, I don’t understand where the other chapters are… those are all I got :confused: Try to send the last chapters again and I’ll fix it for the next update.

About Meteora, I was afraid of that, it was why I asked you to start sending your fics in one single file instead of several, I knew I’d mess up sooner or later… well, I’ll fix that now at least.

Edit: There, that should do it for the album fic at least :slight_smile:

they weren’t there? Damn… Anyways, no problem, that’s easy to fix, I’ll boil those chapters down to a single file so you can put 'em on!

And from now on I’ll do it as seperate files and put it to a single file.

Thanks for everything anyway, no offense meant.

We can’t make Penultimate Force 14 chapters instead of 4 parts- can we? Just asking…


“The piece of music echoing through the place brought it’s own sorrow to my funeral.” will be the first sentence of “Aureate Finale”, apparently, the first sentence of the last part of the last chapter.

what do you think?

The piece of music echoing through the place brought it’s own sorrow to my funeral.

No offense taken, you’ve got the full right to point out when something has been done wrong with your story :slight_smile:
And if you want Penultimate force chopped up in smaller bits, it shall be done for the next update (I don’t like making changes in between, especially not now. TD is working with cleaning the archives and he’ll get grumpy if I mess around too much ^^;; I don’t want to be chewed on by a rabid, pink pony…)

And that sure sounds like a good start :slight_smile:

Cool, and is there any connection between Retaliation/Noir and Penultimate Force?

Weiila, I would really appreciate it if it was in 14 chapters than 4 or 3 parts. I mean, chapter by chapter, if you can, please.

As for Sepiroth Hayes, here’s the few questions that are left unanswered:

“Why should C.O.N.C.E.A.L., the secret service of one of the two major powers on earth traffick knives that are used as drug sryinges? Why should C.O.N.C.E.A.L. suspend Squall’s case when he knows so much? Why should they assassinate their own agent? Why should S.E.C.R.E.C.Y. deal with mobsters? How come a couple of women can have Rinoa’s face and likewise name, just like Leia? Who was the woman on the train scene of Afterpiece Noir? What ABOUT Ellone? Why wasn’t Squall’s Sis around when he needed her the most?”

The plot is already set in my head, ladies and gentlemen, it includes Dr.Odine, Ellone, Cid, Edea, C.O.N.C.E.A.L.

I may hit a writer’s block, but whatever happenes, the Retaliation will finish. And as my lil sister stated yesterday:

“The true retaliation begins now.”

SH, did you read Penultimate Force as well? Gee, what do you think about it?