The Fictional Character's Bill of Rights

I found this while googling for info on famous fictional characters. I think it’s hilarious, and since we’ve been talking about what a GOOD story should consist of late, I decided to post it here. Hope you enjoy it.

It is just a shame that the above bill is used as toilet paper by so many FFNet authors…

  1. keep sensitive body parts like eyes from falling into their laps, flying across rooms, or stabbing other characters, and use them for their intended purpose–to see, to gaze, to examine, etc.

…Oh, right, they’re talking figuratively there, I was worried for a second that I’d have to re-write half of my next story :ah-ha!:

Hmm. My fic has broken at least three of those rights already. No character scetches. Not enough description of the background and No written desired outcome but I did have one in my head. Technickly the second draft does have the first draft which noone but my family and I have read as an outline but it’s in script format mixed with a little normal format. No descriptions at all. bleh. No wonder I never started my second draft until now.

Planning ahead, who needs that?

So then, I’m in violation of 2, 3, and am in a position to eventually violate 7. But the rest I follow.

I disagree with some of these. Number seven: Steven King’s Dark Tower series. I rest my case.

And Ten- there doesn’t need to be a resolution. You can end a piece, keeping the audience wondering what happened. Its used often, and its really not a bad tactic at all.

EDIT: And I absolutely NEVER EVER plan. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bah. I follow my own rights, and that’s decent enough.

According to most.

Character rights?! How dare they start a union!

Well, I have probably violated #2, #5 (at least partly, but I usually try to fix that), and I might have violated #3 (I don’t know yet… Gotta get my dictionary first ^^;:wink: