The FF7 Movie..

Ok I keep hearing it called Ardent AND Advent children…

why is this? What is it really?

Japanese pronunciation fuckup probably

It’s Advent Children. The logo for it clearly calls it that.

Looks really good



Burial of Aeris

Cloud fighting


Can’t wait to see it

Ah ok then. Thanks for clarification and pics (which seem fake…? Aeris getting buried again? Huh?)

Most likely flashback (s), the movie’s gonna be riddled with them- possible S-E’s attempt to make a re-make of FFVII after all… the FMV’s, anyway

And Barret still looks… wrong. Don’t ask me how, or why, he just does.

Maybe because you can’t really see his beard.

Probably, and his skin tone is a bit too light- the facial shape is dead-on, though. :slight_smile:

Maybe cuz that pic of Barret looks like R. Kelly… :suckah:

Those are some damn cool looking pictures. If they are anything to go on, then this film should be a must see. For all FF fans.

Here’s the website where I got the pics from… it’s got lots of other stuff about the film as well including the storyline

FF7: Advent Children

Im looking foward to seeing it,looks like it’s going to be good,and one of my favorite characters might appear Vincent.

I dont remember Barrett having cornrows. To me Sephiroth looks a touch too feminine. Cloud actually looks somewhat yummy though ^ _ ^;

Ah, so you’re saying that he isn’t black enough for ya?

And Sephiroth ALWAYS looked feminine. It just wasn’t noticeable until he was better animated. But alas, I don’t feel like going on another “Sephiroth is a woman” rant.

Sephiroth always looked feminine, yes… but in a “I may have long hair, but I’m still a spycho who can rip your balls off” kind of way, not a “oh! my nails!” middle-aged-woman kind of way, which he sadly does now. :expressionless: