The FF Super Team!!!

If you could pick 4 characters from any FF games to make some super team, which 4 would you pick. Explain the reasons for your team as well. (Make that, they can be from different FF games)

My team would be

-Cecil - Strong but can also do light healing. Although he’ld look better as the dark knight but he wouldnt have healing powers.

-Wakka - Just all rounder good character, plus he can hit enemies at a distance. Status effects too.

-Tellah - Well he knows most the magic from the begining, so he’ld be useful.

-Tifa - Long limit break. Just a cool character.

Yuna- Since she does LOTS of damage,
Zidane- Since he has good trances
Cloud- Since he has a big sword
Wakka- For the distance

I ’ v e r e a c h e d 3 0 0 P o s t s ! Y A Y !

Orlandu - This guy is about as omnipotent as you can get. Impressive offensive and defensive statistics backed up with a wide range of powerful sword techniques. Nothing touches Cid.

Zidane - Access to versatile thief ablilities, and a naturally quick character. Generally good offense and defense, plus a godly trance. Zidane is awesome for getting you out of tight situations.

Rydia - The penultimate offensive caster, with full access to all Black Magic (such as Meteo) and Summons (such as Bahamut). If you want to deal damage fast, you use her.

Terra - Loaded up with a variety of white magic, Terra can be quite the effective healer. Her Morph can be used to increase her already awesome MagicPwr to insane proportions. She also has decent offense and defense, a trait missing from most standard healers.

Vincent -
IMO Vincent > Sephy.

Tifa -
I used her the whole game in FF7 and she rocked.

Fighter -
Gotta love his good ol’ fashioned brute strength

Mog -
His dances saved my ass in FF6 many times.

4 Onion Kids.

Hell yeah.

/me wants 4 onion kids, but that wouldn’t be original anymore ;_;

Terra ~ Put a Gem Box on her, get her all the spells she can get. Then Atma Weapon and/or Illumina. INVINCIBLE!!!

Shadow ~ Kicks ass. What more can I say. I’d definately keep a Genji Glove on him, and have plenty of stars and spare knives/swords for him to throw.

Yuna ~ I had a tough choice between her and Rydia, both very powerful summoners… But then I rememberd that only Yuna has the Magus Sisters on her side. evil grin

Squall ~ Um… well… SOMEBODY needs to be the hot one! >.>;;

  • Rydia: Absolutely! Black Magic and Summons, what more can you ask… Plus she uses a WHIP!!! (And she USED White MagicBefore she got swallowed by Leviahan)

  • Squall: Cool and useful Limit Break.

  • Celes: She’s got a lot of usefuls curative spells! She will have to be my White Mage, somehow… Plus her swords does a LOT of Damage.

  • Cloud: For obvious reasons… such as Limit Break and his kick ass sword.

Yuna - for all around Yuniness
Lulu - for being a kewl black mage
Squall - for having a gunblade and looking kewl
Vivi - hey two black mages I know but both of them rule, and I can’t pick between

Squall- awesome fighter, awesome limit

Wakka- IMO best fighter in FFX (yes, even trumping Auron) and good long-ranger.

Yuna- if she could bring her aeons with her :get it?:

Vivi- double-awesome black magery.

Beat that :hahaha;





For ultimate destruction that is.

Let’s see, I would probably go for:

Vincent (He’s basically a vampire, what more do you need)
Auron (He is quite smart, and powerful, a dangerous combo)
Squall (I just like the kid’s style)
Amarant (His skill’s are cool)

Sephiroth - Strong at everything and cool
Terra- Magic and can fight.
Zidane: Grand Leathal.
Squall: Meltdown-Aura-Renozuken combo.


Steiner: Physical powerhouse, owns everyone in FF IX with the Tin Armor.
Rosa: Fairly durable healer, with decent physical backup.
Aeris: Limit Breaks > all. If Materia allowed, can act as party attack mage.
Beowulf: Status attacker.

  1. Tifa
  2. Lulu
  3. Riku
  4. Yuna

I really don’t think I have to explain myself.

  1. Orlandu
  2. Steiner
  3. Celest
  4. Vivi
    1: He’s a tank nuff said.
  5. He’s another tank but get him some magic defense.
  6. Genji glove offering. Good magic. what else can you ask for?
  7. Can you say doomsday + shadow absorb equipment on whole party.
  1. Vincent: He’s like the Incredible Hulk when he’s in a Limit Break (You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!!:fungah:

  2. Kain: He rules, he can jump, he’s hard to hit, and he’s upredictable.

  3. Shadow: Equip him with a Genji Glove and the Striker/Assassin combo. Add an Offering and he can get up to 8 instant death attacks.

  4. Trance Kuja: He’s the only character in an FF game to successfully destroy a planet(as in erase it from existence, not merge with another or rearrange the face of it {Kefka}. Yes he destroyed Terra. Magic is almost uncomparable.


That team kicks @$$

Strago, Quistis, Quina, Kimahri…


See my point? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice! Blue Magic all the way. And it might work pretty well, too. Except for the fact that Blue Magic has been seriously screwed with in the later FF games.