The FBI taps Online Games: Listening to Xbox Live conversations

I’m assuming they don’t realize the only thing they’ll get are 13 year olds calling each other faggot newb campers.

Uhhh, the FBI is not listening to X Box live conversations, they’re applying to make it legal to do so. I’d be more worried that it includes all forms of online communication, although I severely doubt the possibility of this passing.

Do you have a link to a CNN or BBC article instead of something from

Can’t say I do.
However, wiether they are listening, or trying to make it legal to, they are still trying to do it.

First ask this question…

What DOESNT the FBI or some government agency monitor nowadays?

Look up Third Echilon.

Clue (its in England)

Good question.

Thats why I love to live in Canada. Here its no illegal to download music :hahaha;

Buh. Man, i disliked it when the government was allowed to use data in webpages against you. The internet should be free of government imo.

Is that anything to do with this: Echelon base closed

If so is it the base in the Yorkshire dales with the huge spherical structures, the one which has had a lot of protests outside it?

Currently this conversation is the closest thing to a terriorist attack plan the FBI has found:

@wesomeRawer54623423453425345: Dude, u beter not FUCK IT UP THIS TIME

GokuSupaSayjin23904325304876: SHUAT UP CAMAER FAGGGOOTTTTTT


NeoIsTHEBOMB135863290645: I LIKE FRUIT PIES!!!111

Goatselives64: LOLLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOL!!!11!!1111

@wesomeRawer54623423453425345: GAWD!!! TAKE THE GAME SEIRIOUSLY OR LOGGG OFF!!!1!111

GokuSupaSayjin23904325304876: SHUAT UP CAMAER FAGGGOOTTTTTT


18 Billion dollars have gone into the project so far…