The EU mutual defense policy..

With the upcoming additions of new countries to EU’s roster, I was wondering about the military policy which regards the armed protection offered by the EU membership when a member is under attack.

Let’s have an example here so you’ll have a better grasp of what I’m trying to solve here.

Let’s say that Germany has an armed conflict some time in the near future, and it requests assistance from other EU countries to solve this conflict. Now, lets say Finland helps them to fend off this attacker. Now, is Finland assisting as the independent country Finland, or as an EU member due to the fact were supposed to uphold EU up as a whole? Will the defense concern all EU countries as a whole, or only those that are initially in the matter? Say, can Finland be used as a springboard for future operations against Germany because we helped them, or because we’re an EU country, and all EU countries are the same?

If you happen to know more about this matter, please share whatever you know of it. It’s a kind of a bother to me now :frowning:

((I’m already excusing the use of improper terminology here if it happened; Military & political vocabulary aren’t exactly my forte))

It probably works like the United Nations, except on a slightly smaller scale.

yeah, think of it as something like NATO or the UN.

Countries are still sovereign on what they do, so I think Finland would be acting not as a EU member.

The European Defense Organisation; although presently hardly existing, is built up much like NATO. It is likely, however that it’ll change in the forseeable feature.