The Essence of SaGa Frontier?

Hi, this is my first post on RPGClassics forums. I see people are not posting often in these parts but I thought maybe some are still watching…

I heard about the book called “the essence of saga frontier” and I’m very curious to know about the info it contains, but unfortunally I don’t understand a bit of Japanese.

I’ve tried searching google but there’s nearly nothing at all about anything SaGa except reviews and such. Actually, the only pertinent result I get leads me to this site, hehe… They’ve translated Xenogears Perfect Works so I kinda expected the same thing could be true about “the essence”, but I guess I was wrong. Seriously, I think the SaGa series needs more love. ^^;

So my question is, does anybody know anything at all about the essence of saga frontier?

I have the Essence of SaGa Frontier myself, but I also can’t understand Japanese. From what I’ve heard and can remember it contains story information and gameplay information. It definitely contains artwork. I’m not too good with specifics sad to say.

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve read that it contains info about things that were supposed to be in the game but didn’t make it. I’d like to know about those things but I can’t seem to find anything (in english). But if the SaGa maniac community itself tells me its nowhere to be found then I guess I’ll give that up. Too bad though.

Why not try the SaGa Frontier board at Gamefaqs? Don’t give up hope yet. Also yes it does contain information about various things cut out of the game. Although why each aspect was cut out may vary. Some may have been cut out due to time constraints. Other aspects they may have just felt were not the direction they wanted.

Good job guys!