The end of an era was sold today. The price, will not extreme, was high enough to convince me of the sincerity of the new owner’s intent to re-launch the site in a worthy manner.

Thus ends the final chapter in a misadventure that began with the ill-fated RPGEngine project, involved a hugely successful website that became unfundable after the dot-com collapse, and (largely) ended with the collapse of said website and me having incurred a debt that took two years to pay off. I wish the new owner the best of luck in the grand re-launch, which I assume will occur shortly after the transfer goes through.

We’re still gonna see DDII, correct?

I STILL need to finish DD1… :too bad;

Thoguh I LOVED Bob’s Big Adventure. :hahaha;

You’re posting this here, which leads me to believe that someone here bought it.

So who bought it? Is it anybody we know?

Good bye, the very site that bought me to RPGC so many years ago. At least nobody like The Game will be back for the relaunce. :smiley:

I posted this here because many here were also involved in

Dragon Destiny II (and all my tuts and articles) are hosted on my private website at (which is technically a subsite of RPGC… hmm… rpgmaker shrine anyone? :D), which is in need of a redesign when I get the chance :stuck_out_tongue: (I’ve got too much in the toc table…)

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hmm… rpgmaker shrine anyone? :smiley:

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SB was one of the big staffers at (he did the mailbag if I recall) and I trailed him over here.

I was interested in finding out what happened to since I watched it pretty closely. Hiei also played a big role over there.

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