The end of an era

I’m graduating today as my sporadically updated countdown will tell you… soon. Anyway my graduation rehearsal is in 20 minutes, then my actual ceremony is at 6 and then we have an all night party at the school which goes from 11-5 AM. So life is good. :smiley:


Remember what I said about nailing someone with your hat when you toss it up in the air!

Congrats, d00d, I know you’ve been looking foward to this for ages.:cool: :cool: :moogle:

Hey congrats!!!

I’ve got one more year to go hopes and prays she survives

I went to my friend’s graduation and they had an all night party like that too!! it was fun!!

so have a blast K!!!?

Congrats, X_Countryguy! :smiley:

For freedom! I can’t wait to finish these wretched exams!
dreams of himself shooting his school schedule with a minigun
This year was like hell… Can’t wait to get some rest.

Congrats, and try not to kill anyone you hate during the ceremony…

Actually, this be one of the best times to kill someone you don’t like. Just spike the drinks and make it look like he had a drug overdose. :stuck_out_tongue:

And if you’re lucky, kill a whole lot of other people too.

: Mr. Woohing Smilie says ‘Wooh. Go liberty. Go freedom. Go free people, like X_countryguy. Go. Wooh!’

NaNaNaNa. I graduated two days ago. HoHoHo!

congrats country, if that’s what you wanted.

Congrads! Must be a big time relife.

Be happy. The rest of your life shouldnt suck “quite” so much. Now you will actually be considered a person by society.

I wouldn’t consider it a relief, now you’ve gotta go to the real world * Shudders *

Well, congratulations and good luck.

Congratulations Countryguy!

Glad to know that you are enjoying it all.

Thank you all, and yeah I was leaning towards a congratulations there, Merlin.

And congrats to Nulani and Mr. Waving Smiley for graduating, too! 12 years of shit and the only thing you learned is not to go through it again!

Congratulations, may fortune continue to shine upon thee!