The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

EDIT: Sorry Kagato, I didn’t notice your thread buried down there. Still, I’m really glad I didn’t watch the camrip, the quality on the BD version was definitely worth it.

I do realize I usually do not so much review as simply launch into a rant about how things suck, so here’s chance of pace:

Woah. That was perfect.

It’s kind of hard to point out any specific details because the movie is insanely faithful to the novel, a lot of the dialogue is copied verbatim and the sequence and manner of the events is kept intact. It’s not particularly imaginative, but fuck that, it does what hundreds of other book-to-film works normally fail to do: Successfully adapt the entirety of the book both in feeling and form.

Just to compare, while I was watching Unlimited Blade Works, aside from the genuinely big shitty parts, I kept noticing heaploads of tiny mistakes that were, on their own, not that much important, but were extremely easy to notice and betrayed the fact that the production team didn’t even pay attention to the lore of the novel. I bring this up because Disappearance does the exact opposite, it is filled with tiny, blink-and-you-miss-it details showing just how much attention they paid not only to the novel but the whole series. For instance, Tanigawa once releaseda seating chart describing every student in Kyon’s class. This was tightly followed in the anime itself, which clearly shows each student’s particular designs and even had them interact in the background accordingly (For instance, rewatch the chapter where Ryoko is said to transfer out, and you’ll see Yamane there freaking out). In the few scenes that take place in Kyon’s class, this happens as well, and there’s even a short instance of the kid called Kakinouchi looking in Seno’s direction and blushing (The chart says he likes her).

I’m making a big deal out of this just to illustrate how much care was paid even with the most irrelevant details. None of these kids even got described in the novel beyond Sakanaka, yet KyoAni went to the length of keeping the background characters’ meagre characterizations straight from the side-material. There’s a lot of stuff like this, like the pose Yuki takes while watching the snow, which you’d recognize if you read Editor in Chief, and overall it serves to show off a lot of care for the material. After crap adaptations like Zero no Tsukaima, Tsukihime, Shakugan no Shana and so on, this kind of care is something that I really have to appreciate.

There is one noticeable divergence from the novel that I have to point out because, for once, it actually improves on the source material: The expansion of Kyon’s introspective as he contemplates his decision is VERY well done and much more dramatic than in the original. Kyon rarely ever talks straightforwardly about anything, so seeing him force himself to fess up like that made the moment much more powerful. It’s easily my favourite moment in the whole thing. Kudos go to Tomokazu Suguta, Kyon’s voice actor, who could not be a better fit for the role and does a great job during that scene.

Overall, it’s a really, really good movie and it was worth the wait. The animation is beautiful, the music is fitting and the pacing and direction are spotless. The only sad part is that, with this over, we’re back in limbo waiting for Tanigawa to release the damn tenth book.

I stopped watching Haruhi after the second Endless Eight episode- I don’t have the patience to sit through the same episode 8 times. I intended to pick it up again after the arc was over, but never did.

Since you say the movie was so good though, I might have to look at picking it up again.

I’ve not had the chance to read the source material though- it’s either been hard to find or more expensive than I am willing to spend money on.

I’m in the same boat, Endless Eight killed it for me and I never picked it up again.

You can just watch the last Endless Eight episode and be done with it. If there were anything you could miss in the other 7, nobody would whine about it being such a retarded waste of time. Or for that matter, just know that they got out of the loop and that was it.

You only actually need to have seen Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody (When Kyon goes back in time to help Haruhi draw some scibbles) and know that Endless Eight happened to understand the movie. The rest of S2 is the Sighs arc (The making of the crappy Mikuru movie) which is “okay”, but largely irrelevant. I think that was the most boring arc in the series.

Wow, I must be one of the few who actually enjoyed Endless Eight. There were two ‘loops’ that stood out from the rest; one of which where Kyon was damn close to losing his mind throughout the entire episode. Very unsettling episode. Waiting every week to try and pick up clues and hints on how it all ends while getting cockteased most of the time turned my crank, I guess. On that, I had never read any of the novels up until that point.

But yes; movie was incredible. I’ve rewatched it about four times already. I’ll have to check out the non-camcorder version when I can find it now.