The Day After Tomorrow

Just watched the trailer. All in all, it looked like the director wanted to see how a sum of every natural disaster movie ever made would look (but it’s themed on weather, though, so he left meteors out). The special effects are pretty neat, though. I wanna see it.

Comments, please.

Wow, in the synopsis, it says one of the things is new york city going from sweltering to freezing in a day! Is this supposed to be a documentary?

How many times in movies has the Statue of Liberty had something done to it?

Anyways, yeah…the movie looks ok.

“Weather gone wild!”

Sounds erotic.

Bah. These movies are always the same. Some originality, hollywood?


we’ll see.

Hmm… doesn’t look that good. I might see it on video, but definatly not in theaters. I’ll wait until I can stop it and throw it out the window when I please.

It could better than armagaedon…

So, aside from the end of life on earth as we know it, is there a plot?

Seems like all the madness was caused by Greenhouse FX + Ozone Layer Hole + other goodies made by mankind, and nature is punishing humanity. And there’s this guy who is going to save that chick and all…

Things got smashed and flew around and hit people and stuff, but I saw a definite lack of explosions. Someone definitely dropped the ball on this one.

i think i see advent children instead witch by the way also showes what happen after an apoctiliptic event. :moogle:

Another boring film from Hollywood.

Yeah that movie is going to be super gay if the main character tries to act like he can save him and his girl from that, even though the rest of the world can’t. :fungah:

By the looks of this thread I would say that you are an idiot. its about another ice age.

You know what I would like to see in one of these movies?

People listening to the nerdy scientest-type guy who says the end is coming BEFORE it’s too late. Seriously. >.<

We’re always worried about the end of the world. However, from what I can see, we’ve screwed everything up so much that nothing can prevent disaster.

(but it’s themed on weather, though, so he left meteors out).
BAH! Meteors are weather! Why do you think it’s called METEOROLOGY!?

so what your saying is since its unstopible due to our mistakes that we should just not worry about it?

:moogle: dont worry be hap

finish that sentince and DIE.

I’m tired of seeing things done to New York, personally ;_;