The darndest things are overheard in new york...

Girl #1: I have a question.
Girl #2: What is it?
Girl #1: Skipping makes you lose weight right?
Girl #2: Yeah…
Girl #1: Does that mean skipping backward makes you gain weight?
Girl #2: God, you’re a dumbass.

Man #1: I’m talkin’ about cup noodles, nigga.
Man #2: Them shits is good.
Man #1: They’s cheaper than mac and cheese.
Man #2: Mac and cheese went up by a dollar!
Man #1: Tell me you is playin’!

Hilarious site.

Goddamn man, that site’s hilarious! But… it can’t really all be real, right?

Why not? You underestimate the capacity for human stupidity.

“Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. And I’m not sure about the universe.”
-Albert Einstein

Oh, uh. That quote cleared things up for me. :slight_smile:

I’m saying this now,I would not be surprised to hear this type of things actually happening.

Mac and Cheese went up by a dollar? holy fuck. Why didn’t anyone tell me?!


Goddamn man, that site’s hilarious! But… it can’t really all be real, right?

You really don’t go out a lot, do you? These are the sort of things that are said all the time - even by the sort people who are usually perceived to be fairly smart - it’s merely that no one notice it until they’ve the time to actually stop up and reflect on what has actually been said, which, of course, no one ever really has the time to do.

I have a new sig quote. Thanks GG!

You son of a bitch. You knew. You’re just trying to keep it from me. After your ‘What do you mean Chicken Nuggets are more now?’ days, I don’t trust you anymore.

I’ve overheard the same sort of stuff here.

People say those kinds of stuff everywhere. Yesterday a friend of mine said “snakes see with their tongue”.

(meaning to say something like “snakes perceive the environment around them through smell, using their tongues to catch scent” - they have an olfatory organ inside the mouth and that’s why they keep getting their tongues in and out.)

That is the evolutionary reason snakes don’t make out with their mates.

If it weren’t for my horse…

But… I go out as much as I can… which means nearly every day… :bowser:

Mom: Now don’t you get hit by a car crossing the street 'cause I will laugh at you both.
Boy: Mom!
Mom: I’m sorry but it’s true.

Thats something my mom would say. :expressionless: The site’s nice, but the layout couldnt be worse x_X

i want my mtv

Out among people.

I wouldn’t see any other point in going out.

Give it a week and it’ll be the new half of those will be fake and/or ending in “you should submit this to overheardinnewyork”.