The Dai Ryuujin is Cool Thread

I’m just saying what everyone else is thinking whenever Dai makes a post around here, which he should do more often.

I love you Dai Ryuujin.

Dai’s a cool character. I think she’d be a lot cooler if she could pay for RO though. ^.^; I’d get to talk to her more too : \

Edit: Why I said “she” the entire post… Ask me not.

Because it’s the truth, Dai rocks. And for those of you who don’t know who Dai is, you freaking suck and should leave to avoid making an ass of yourselves.

…her? Ooookay…

Next people will start believing Sohee’s a woman.

Gah. Sorry. >.>;; Used to it from something else.

Your sig is kinkay, Hades.

Where is this Dai Ryuujin person? I don’t see anyone by that name here. =)

Dai is a girl ;;
cuddles her ;

Dai, go eat your salad.


Dai, go build me a railroad.


My favorite memory of Dai was when he had sex with Kagon in my D&D game, which was like every freaking session.

…Also he’s pretty cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck getting your skull dai! ^^ I know you can do it!


Ivan is gone, though.

Dai, go run 984 out of town on said railroad. :smiley:

What happened to him, anyways?


I told him to shut up and he left.

Thanks Hades >_>

cuddles Sohee ;_;