The Cure and...Ashlee Simpson...? O_o

What the hell, Smith?!?!

So will the band do all of the singing while A. Simpson pulls a Milli Vanilli until she gets caught at which point she’ll jiggy off the stage?

I’m glad I didn’t respect The Cure before I read that.

He wants to have intimate relations with her. So?

Everytime senseless musical collaborations occur, a member of Crass dies.
On that note, I’m all for this. He should team up with Paris Hilton, while he’s at it.

(No offense to Crass fans. Offense, however, is intended to actual members of Crass.)

Eeew. What’s Kylie Minogue doing singing with that guy? xP

Having intimate relations with him. :wink:

He just wants to get his dick wet.