The cool test done by a nutter

Variations on a theme by me mate Soo.

I scored 67, and am thusly as cool as Myra Hindley. How will you fare?


Crazy test dude. >.>;



What in the Nine Hells was that supposed to be?



89, cool as Condaliza Rice’s vagina. ?

I failed to see any correlation between what I answered and my final score.

Myra Hindley.

…charming. O.o;;

50 Cent on second try ^^

I am as cool as …JESUS? okaay i fail to comprehend crap

lol ye

Make it stop! Please!

Your cooltotal of 40 means you are approximately as cool as…

Carol Vorderman!

I agree with the WTF. However, I got a score of 74 and I as cool as 50 Cent. Whoever he is.

I am as cool as…

50 Cent. That was probably the weirdest test I have ever seen. o_O

Very, very wierd test. Still managed to pull out a 92! Don’t know how I scored that.

"Your cooltotal of 50 means you are approximately as cool as…

Cat Deeley!"

I’m cool…