The city of Makao in Lufia 1 isn't any photoshop trick

The city of Makao in Lufia 1 is NOT any photoshop trick- Enter in this PAR code-7E59011C-- Then use a swing wing item and it shows up as the number 2 city on the warp list- Only after you select it where do you warp to?? “Hey Dude, Where the heck did i warp to?”—“Some lousy mountain where i can’t even move-Where’d Makao go???”-----

Oh, ok, so you can put in a code and go nowhere. Great, thanks for the heads up.

It might go no where in the finished version of the game but the PAR code did actually generate a city called Makao on the warp list- The fact that the city shows up on the warp list and when you use it you end up on some mountain top means the city might actually have existed in a work in progress programers copy but it was removed by the programers in the final version- And if you select that city to warp to in the Japanese version of the game you warp to an entirely different place!Anyone here want to try it on the Japanese Super Famicom version and tell me where you warp to? i think if you try it you will be suprised! and to quote Lufia 2- " i always knew there was something fishy going on around here!"-----

I hope there’s more than the 1 PAR code on in that second image, because the character you’re using there also happens to be Maxim, rather than our standard hero. I love when companies bother to translate their half-finished work, too. Of course, the more famous example would be the needlessly translated voice acting in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

this is a revelation. dragonquester you have blown my mind. my mind is blown.

Fantastic information!

They probably were planning to include that city. But didn’t.

I don’t see why you didn’t continue the previous thread.

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