The Cat's Rulebook

A barbed wang huh? I never put much thought into animal sexual organs e.g. penises…so you must be fully educated in it.


I’ll take your word for it. You don’t need to show us. :smiley:

Yeah. Cat’s are NOT sensual. The penis is barbed so the female can’t run away during reproduction. The female feels nothing but pain during sex, and they are essentially raped. Nothing sensual here. =p

Actually in some cases, (such as lions) the male bite the back of the females neck lightly to get her into a submissive possition. It either forces the releease of certain enzymes or just temporaraly paralizes them. Can’t remember which.

As for the barbed member… Have you ever had to deal with a female cat in heat?
If you have you’d know it’s not as much a case of rape as you imply.

smiles Never mess with a cat in heat…

I find it strange that a dog thinks “My master gives me shelter, food, and takes me out for walks. b must be a god[/b]” Yet a cat looks and thinks this “They feed me, shelter me, and clean up after me… I must be a god

That’s generally because we are as close as naturally possible to perfection.

You said it, bruthah!

i agree… even though im technikly a stuffed cat doll and dont count. :moogle:

My orange tabby cat certainly feels like a god whenever it acts like a schmuck around me for no good reason so I spray the fucker with a hose. Cats may have been worshipped by the Egyptians, but I’m no Egyptian and I am God to my cats, since I’m the only one with the compassion to feed them. My dad hates cats.