The Cat's Rulebook

It’s funny cuz it’s all true.

I have three cats, and I think they collaborated to write that.

Send that sucker to Star. Star would definitely get a kick outta that.

laughs Fits all my cats perfectly. ^^

They just love you for the catnip.

Catnip? I can give it up whenever I want!

Aww, and with all my other bad luck, I have to worry about cats, too!?

I swear, its the Bible of the cat or something. Still, its cause they love me… I hope :stuck_out_tongue:

4: Always chase the mouse. Your owner can’t blame you for this, since it’s your feline instinct to chase mice.

OK, I want to play Age of Empires!! 2000, Why are chasing the mouse?

I’m a Cat Girl. I can’t help it.

Big Nutter
My cat at home follows all the rules too. At least 2k doesn’t follow me in to bathroom.

Bah. I bet BigNutter actually uses a Mac. :stuck_out_tongue:

A recent Screen Shot - Shows '98 system propertey and the post above and an Reply to topic e-mail

Big Nutter
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Edit: The Picy has been removed 24 hours!!

Its a conspiracy i tell you. An international league of cats has been created and these are the rules that were set down for its members.

Vyse, not only did you use the C-word, you also used “its” instead of “it’s” in that context. You know what’s gonna happen now?

[Merlin suddenly leaps into the area and kicks Vyse in the shins. A piano falls on both of them. Dynamo flattens the piano.]

:ulty: Blown up and exploded!

I don’t find it surprising that you use the e-mail reply feature…

My cat wrote I III IV V VII.

DAmn straight. You humans need cats to know perfection.

Too bad I prefer my dog over my lazy POS cats.

Well sure, if you like, cumsy, oversized children that never grow up to something actually refined.

Think of it like this: An attack dog is like a gangster with an assault rifle. A cat hunting is like a master of tai chi.

We are INFINATELY more refined, sensual, and graceful than silly dogs. But I suppose many humans are just too dull-witted to realize that. sighs

Meh to an extent, cats are annoying when you’re sleeping at 3AM. They are more graceful though. and a little more elegant Attack dogs are for attacking humans though. A cat pouncing on me will get its little neck snapped. You need bigger cats for attacking a bigger species i.e. and attack tiger. An attack tiger is the tops, ruining any Doberman’s or trespasser’s shit.

conspiracy who said any thing about that.
nervios laghter

i know nothing! :hyperven:

How sensual can you possibly BE when you have a barbed wang?