The Bloc Québecois Strikes Back

Or someone who just dislikes the liberals and conservatives anyway.

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It’s the Internet.
Which is an anarchy. What would you expect?

I’m probably going to vote NDP this year… I think they deserve a turn to fuck up the country.

They already did. That’s why no one will vote for them as a majority again.

Canada needs another young, ambitious, charismatic Prime Minister like Trudeau and a non-retarded body of voters who are actually capable of seeing that better health care and education aren’t the result of cutting taxes, and that no one gives a shit about abortions and other touchy issues that have no place in an election.

We need a party that can actually change the country. I don’t feel any safer, smarter, or happier than I did 16 years ago, so I can only assume that politics are, in a nutshell, complete bullshit.

If I could vote, I’d vote Liberal, simply because they haven’t fucked the country up YET, and we seem to have killed our deficit under them, according to hearsay and Liberal propoganda.

Paul Martin’s a fucking boring politician though. He’s bland like old history textbooks without pictures.

National Unity Fund and the whole sponsorship scandal

I’d say both are fuck-ups enough, whether they happened before Martin’s rule as Prime Minister is somewhat irrelevant, it is still the same political party. As much as this is the last image he wants, the recent movings of the Liberal party ended up being the rehabilitation of most of Chrétien’s men (actually, the most recent moving of the Liberals was a small-time debate between Harper and Martin in the eastern provinces, but I digress).

Basically, Martin’s trying to steer the party into a more conservative direction, without the moral issues. It would be a good move, but however, he’s S-curving his way by using a few NDP and BQ promises in his program.

Which leads me to believe that I will most likely vote Marxist-Leninist come 28 of June. Call me crazy, but looking at the current political scene, I’d rather live on the ideals of Marx and Lenin than face : a) scandals and more centralisation, b) moral police, extreme centralisation, c) a party that will never have a tenure as leader and d) a party that, while being leftist, has no chance in hell of actually winning.

Well that’s dandy. This is why I don’t like politics. So much focus on such useless factors. If someone ran for PM and their platform was “Hey kids, guess what? We’re gonna preserve your right to cuss out idiots, pursue happiness, and do whatever you want with the exception of a few extremely reasonable laws! And if anyone tries to invade your land I’ll beat the shit out of them!” he’d have my vote.

If he said he’d make post-secondary education free, I’d sabotage the other parties to make sure he wins. Hades-style politics are extremely simple, as you can see. There are very few things I want/expect from a government.

The main guidelines of a party are easily seen, and that’s usually why people emphasize on those when they talk about a party, as those are usually justifiable ideals. However, in politics, the ends don’t justify the means unless the ends are EXTREMELY good.

'f course, if someone brought up those terms, I’d also give them my vote, as they are speaking without using political lingo, and are speaking so that the basic electorate can understand.

And BTW : education’s a provincial domain, if the federals touch this shit the provinces (and I don’t mean just Quebec)'ll be on them so fucking fast it’ll make their head spin.

Not to harass you because of this, but I felt that had to be said.

It would appear that some Bloc extremists are angry that they didn’t win :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh. As I was telling Eden last night in IRC, what you ought to do if you wanna shut up Bloc Quebecois once and for all, is just tell them this:

“Look, if y’all keep trying to separate, and be your own country, fine… but we’re just gonna turn right around and tell the Americans that you’re France, and you’ll be on your own when they start invading you. Think we’re bluffing? Come on now, you KNOW they’re all that bad at geography, and that they can’t tell the difference between y’all and the french, and that they don’t really care to, either.”

Nah. Bloc extremists = FLQ/QLF (Quebec Liberation Front), the less said about them, the better.

In my opinion, what Canada needs is more informative sources in both languages. Quite frankly, I’m tired of thinking all Prarie-living people are rednecks, and I’m tired of being assumed a separatist from someone living in the west.

Ìf both cultures could co-exist and exchange in an equal way (by the by, I’m not talking country-to-country, I’m talking about different cultures mixing together to form something different), then Canada would be the perfect country to live in, however, on BOTH sides of the coin, no one wants that. Canada is stuck with the idea of anglicizing Quebec, and Quebec is being too paranoid about Canada’s intentions most of the time.

It’s simply a cultural conflict that has been going on for 200 years and a slight bit more, and that will simply never end unless both sides agree to a peace settlement. If there’s an end to predict to the conflict, it will simply be when people stop caring about it. Which is in a long time.