The Blazing Elite (Attempt #2)

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[b]The Blazing Elite[/b]

Scorching heat. It was everywhere. It surrounded the aging, yet still powerful warlock. Yet there was nothing he could do to quell this raging inferno, for it was created by a dark magic. The likes of which he had never seen before in his sixty-eight years of being.

Appearing from nowhere, directly in the flames, was a dark figure. The only part of this figure that was clearly visible to the elderly warlock was his eyes; the rest of him was hidden by the intense heat. These eyes were most vivid; haunting shade of purple he had ever seen. They were focused on something but the warlock was not sure whether they were focused on him, or something deeper, like his soul, or his magic energy.


“What in the name of Goddess Errata are you? And what do you want from me?” cried the warlock with a fake courage, which he wished he truly had.


Thinking quickly, Dreygo knew that there was no way he could battle this thing, especially if it had more spells like this inferno. He realised there was no way to save himself, but maybe there was a way to stop this thing from getting his powers if only he could remember what it was.

“SO ARE YOU READY TO LOSE YOUR POWERS, LIKE SO MANY OTHER WARLOCKS BEFORE YOU, DREYGO.” With that the figure, raised his arms and let lose an unearthly ear-piercing screech. Slowly, his chest was revealed to the warlock, it opened up, split straight down the middle. Inside it was like a mini black hole.

Dreygo could feel the black hole begin to draw forth his magical strength. He knew he only had seconds to spare before the thing could begin to fully drink the magic. Suddenly like lightning, it struck him, the spell that could save his powers from this magic hungry figure.

“Sorry, you monster, but you will not be getting my magic today. Poweret Transfero! Guardium Warrior Matthias!” Even before the words had left his mouth, Dreygo could feel his magic leaving him to find its new host body. He just hoped that his old ally, the Leader of the Blazing Elites, Matthias, could handle the responsibility of his magic.

“WHAT THE FUCK!? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE OLD MAN?” bellowed the figure. He did not fully understand what the warlock had done, but he had felt the sudden absence of his powers. Which normally would have happened, but this time he felt that the powers were mixing with his own, but rather free.

“All I have done is hidden my powers inside a new host. So that you can not get at them,” the elder wizard gave himself a quick mental pat on the back. But that was all he had time for as the raging flames exploded, burning him to mere cinders at the figures command, in the blink of an eye.

Seriously pissed off the figure, turned from where the warlock once stood, and vanished, while silently cursing himself for failing to get the powers he came for. With the figures disappearance, so too did the flames vanish, leaving only the pile of ashes, showing that anything had happened here.

Meanwhile, travelling at a speed faster than the speed of any horse, or dragon, could ever manage, the magic powers searched for the new host that Dreygo had instructed them to find. Unfortunately with the untimely end to the warlock the accuracy of his transfer spell dropped and instead of entering the body of Matthias, they entered someone entirely different altogether. The body of a small peasant boy, named Alexander.

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The Blazing Elite: Part II

It had been a very casual day for Matthias. But he could just tell that something was not quite right, although he could not really tell what. Standing at just over six feet, he was quite muscular, but not so much that it slowed down his movement any. He had been one of the best leaders the Blazing Elite swordsmen had ever had. But was forced to ‘retire’ when the squad temporally disbanded. It had been roughly five years since they dissolved, and the remaining members had all lost contact with each other.

Meanwhile, in the next village over, from where Matthias spent his days. Something magical had emerged from out of the heavens. It was the powers of the warlock Dreygo. They had been ‘knocked’ off course, and were now flowing rapidly into the body of twelve year old, little Alexander. He was your typical peasant living off the handouts of others, without a house or family to call his own.

Once the full force of the magic had entered his body, he could feel something strange inside of him. Something that was too much for him. For the magic was too strong for most men to control, so this little boy had no chance of stopping it from being released again. Only this time as magically blasts.

Alexander’s eyes began to glow white, a sign that a warlock was using their magic. “AGHHHHHHHHHH!” screamed the poor little boy, as the painful blasts of blue flame shot from his fingertips. The first flaming ball of blue shot straight past astonished onlookers, and smashed right into a small trailer. The trailer was burnt to nothingness in a matter of seconds.

At this point the people of the street ran for their lives, screaming as they went. As dozens more flaming balls were released, from the new warlocks hands.

“Run! It’s a demon-child!” hollered many of the fear stricken villagers. The small village was soon in an absolute uproar, as people were running this way and that, trying to get away from the dangerous magic being produced by Alexander.

“Please, help me,” whimpered Alexander, who only wished for the pain coursing through his body to cease. But everyone was either to scared or too far to hear him. So, without anyone to help, the magic continued to flow freely, and to destroy the village.

After a good five minutes the whole village was nearly burned down. By now most of the villagers were unable to move, because of the serious burns they had acquired, or were dead. Those who were still alive knew there was nothing they could do, but they had to try to quell this magical inferno, sprouting from the frightened lad.

The seven remaining villagers decided that the only way to stop him, would be run in there and each one grab him. With that decided the group of fully-grown men, charged at the pre-teen boy. Each of the seven ran in from a different direction. Unfortunately the two running in from the front were hit directly in the chest by two flying fireballs.

The last five, who ran in from the sides and behind managed to sneak up on Alexander, and grab him. Regrettably, the magic would let itself be contained so easily. And a huge blast began to swell inside the boy.

“Please, let go of me, before you are all hurt,” pleaded Alexander. But the five men took this as a threat and only tightened their grips. This was the last mistake they would ever make as the huge blast was released, sending flames in all directions. The men were blown back and slammed into the ground from the force of the explosion. Most of them were scarred beyond recognition.

Back at Matthias village, the feeling dread inside him had been growing all day. And it was too powerful to ignore. Placing down his sword, which had now become fully polished, he dashed up two flights of stairs to get to the roof. Looking off into the distance he saw what could only be described as a huge blue cloud of smoke, on the horizon to the east.

“Blue smoke? But that can’t be! The only things that creates blue smoke, is blue flames. And they are not what you call natural,” Matthias, thought out loud. For during his time as the leader of the Blazing Elite, he had met many different warlocks. Each one with the power over a different element, with it’s own individual colour. “The only warlock, with the power over blue fire, is DREYGO!”

Dreygo and Matthias had met almost ten years ago, when they were both about twenty-four. They had become close, and Dreygo, had helped out many times, when the Blazing Elite needed his magic. Knowing something couldn’t be right, if Dreygo was using this much magic, Matthias, raced backed down stairs.

In a matter of minutes, he was standing at the entrance, to his stables, and in full armour. His trusty blade, in its scabbard at his waist, and a flowing red cape hooked on his shoulders, Matthias jumped on his fasted stead, Black Streak. With that he was off towards the east, he was set for whatever enemy was waiting for him, but he didn’t know that what he was riding off to face was a scared little boy, who had too much power than he could manage.

To be continued…

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[u]The Blazing Elite: Part III[/u]

Riding as fast as was humanly possible, Matthias, and Black Streak, raced across the open fields. All he could focus on was the origin of the blue smoke, and getting there before it became too late.

Racing as fast as his stead could manage, it took him another five minutes to reach what was once a prospering trading outpost, known as East Orart. Now all that remained was smouldering ashes of what appeared to be a great battle. No one seemed to be left alive.

Slowly dismounting his horse, he tied the reins to the post of what was once the village gate. Stepping forward to survey the scene, Matthias silently unsheathed his famous broadsword, which had the words ‘Flaming Hero’ carved just above the hilt. Just in case what, or rather who, ever did this was still in the area.

“What could have done something like this?” thought Matthias. Just then he heard what sounded like someone crying. “What the? But how could anything still be alive after whatever happened here?” he said, thinking out load. Quickening his pace he soon rounded the corner of the remains of a house, to see a little boy, curled up into the foetal position. Matthias doubted if the boy was even into his teen years.

Looking up, from his position Alexander, saw Matthias staring down at him. Seeing the sword in the knight’s hands, and remembering what the villagers had called him, “Demon-boy”, the cries still echoing inside his young head. He recoiled from this stranger fearing what he would do.

Almost sensing this fear, the magic inside of him began to prepare another blast to get rid of this possible threat. As it grew the pain inside of Alexander grew again. This felt like it would be the biggest blast yet, for the surging heat had grown to an all time high. “PLEASE! GET BACK!” Alexander cried, trying to stop anyone else from being killed.

Hearing the boy’s warning, and seeing the tell tale signs of a warlock preparing a spell, namely the white glow of the eyes. Matthias had just enough time to register before… WHOOSH! A huge blue fireball flew right over Matthias’ head as he hit the ground.

“What the hell!?” Matthias exclaimed as he stared over his shoulder to where the fireball just went. Jumping back to his feet, all that was running through his mind was that this boy had the ability to control blue fire, which belonged to his old friend Dreygo. “OK kid, how in the world did you get these powers?”

“I don’t know,” Alexander sobbed. “They just appear. And started blasting everyone in the village.” He had fully broken down by know. Not just because of the pain, but because of the loss of his home and all his friends.

Before Matthias could get in another question, a mysterious voice broke the silence of the pair.

“The kid’s telling truth,” protested the strange voice. Matthias spun around to see where the voice was coming from, but all he saw was himself, the boy and the ruined village. That is until a dark shape appeared from behind a partial standing burned down building.

“Alright show yourself!” demanded Matthias. The second after the words left his mouth, the shadow was gone, but neither Matthias nor Alexander could see where it had gone. Until the shadowy figure appeared beside them. “A ninja, no wonder you were so quiet and mysterious. Now remove your mask and tell me what you know about this boy.”

Standing at just under six foot, this ninja wore a slightly loose black sleeveless shirt and trousers, to help him blend in and to stop any form of restriction during movement. Covering his face was a black hood/mask. On his feet was the average black, squeak less ninja shoes. Sheathed behind his back, at the waist, were two steel daggers.

“I don’t know much about him, but I can collaborate his story. The powers just appeared out of nowhere and started blasting everything in sight.” There was something about this ninjas voice that did not feel right to Matthias. Before either warrior could say anything more another blast of blue flame shot towards them.

Noticing it at the last moment the ninja grabbed Matthias, and jumped to the side. It nearly hit them full on but thanks to the ninjas fast reflexes they were both saved. But the ninjas hood got caught by the blast as he jumped out the way.

Feeling the intense heat of the flames the ninja grabbed it, and yanked it off as fast as he could. It was now that Matthias noticed just why the voice sounded strange to him. For with the mask off, he could see that the ninja had the most gorgeous long, flowing blonde hair, which reached down to the shoulders. This ninja was no man; he, or rather she, was female!

“You’re a woman!” Matthias stated rather stunned, to actually meet a female ninja.

“Really! I never noticed. The name’s Jadet, if you wanted to know” said the mysterious female ninja, as another fireball shot over their heads. “But could we do the intros later, after we stop this kid’s fireballs!”

“Gotcha!” came the reply. Jumping to their feet, the pair of warriors prepared for what ever they should do next. Thinking hard, Matthias tried to remember what Dreygo had told him about the powers that a warlock held. But all he could come up with was totally useless right here.

Dodging another assault of fireballs, Jadet showed just how fast a ninja could be, by evading each shot with ease. Matthias on the other hand, not being as agile, used his sword to block most of the shots that were sent his way.

He had almost given up hope, when something struck a cord in his memory banks. Possibly the fact that he had once heard about this exact same situation from Dreygo. He said that if ever a warlock has lost control of his element, the only way to stop him would be to get the warlock to blast himself.

“How the hell are we meant to do that?” shouted Matthias in frustration.

“Do what?” came Jadet’s response. Matthias quickly explained the only way to get the boy’s powers under control. “I’ve got an idea. Could you keep him distracted for a moment?” Before she got a response, she was gone. Although Matthias could not really worry about that as Alexander was blasting more and more fireballs by the second.

He had managed to block everyone so far, but he knew if this kept up he would not last much longer. After blocking possibly the hundredth one, he could see the end coming as the next blast aimed straight for his chest.

Once it was a mere half a metre from impact, Jadet appeared from out of nowhere again, directly in front of him. Only this time she was holding what looked to be a mirror.

“What the fuck are you doing Jadet?”

“Just watch!” As she spoke the fireball hit the mirror, and reflected itself back towards Alexander, before he knew what was happening, he was hit. The blast had clearly knocked him out, but at least the magic powers would no longer be raging wild. But rather sealed away inside him until they can be controlled.

Just as the two warriors were about to congratulate each other, they were interrupted, by a sinister laughter.

“MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nicely done! You foolish mortals!”

To be continued…

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