The best...

…Card game.

Euker for me.



I don’t know what the games listed are except Poker.

  1. In team. Asshole is cool too, but incredibly simpler. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gin Rummy

Magic the Gathering, or NetRunner.


Poker, specifically the Triple Deck Reduced Deck Twelve Card Chinese Poker. Also known as Ridiculous.

House of


<b><font size=“7”>52 CARD PICK-UP!</font></b>

poker. cause it rocks


Damn I love me some ERS, but nobody ever knows how to play :expressionless:

“What is this card? Rules for draw and stud poker?”
Yeah, poker forever, particularly Texas Hold 'em

Texas Hold 'em and Magic.

Cripple Mr. Onion! :smiley:

Speed 2, war takes forever and I royally suck at egyptian. I always miss all the doubles and sandwiches. Bull is fun, too. I always forget the rules for gin and poker’s boring when you play without betting.

ASSHOLE!!! No, seriously, it’s a game

Wait, did you mean non-drinking card game?

then Bid Euchre

Has anyone ever heard of cribbage? Hmmm? Anyone?


I have. Everyone played it during lunch at one of the places in which I worked, and my mom and her husband were just playing it a few hours ago. I don’t know how to play, though.

What’s cribbage? I like playing Big 2.