The Batman Owns You

Let’s forget about the crappy “hoax” and instead focus on cool stuff:

Also in that site are news of other Comics-to-TV-and-Movies news, such as a list of new Justice League and Teen Titans episodes. Enjoy.

Just wondering if you heard about the new Batman film Batman Begins. If so, please don’t flame me, just tell me.

Bruce looks like a wuss, Batman dosen’t look nearly dark enough, and the Joker looks like a crack fiend more than a criminal mastermind. I geuss I prefer more of a demonic looking Batman rather than the Adam West looking Batman.

anyone have any idea what the superhero “The Question”'s super power is?

Darkness: Yes, I know about the new Batman movie. Looks cool, too. Will post about it soon as I find something new. P.S. I never flame people.

Frameskip: I’m not entirely happy with the designs myself, but from what I’ve heard this will be a serious take on the character, just like the last animated series; I can understand, however, that they want to change the designs so it stands on its own. Also, this series takes place early on Bat’s career; he’s like on his 20’s, so he looks less adult.

BlueMageOne: The question didn’t have powers, just gadgets. But they may change that in the new version. We’ll see.

P.S. There are links to interviews with the Fantastic Four Movie people in that page, too. Check them out.

Batman PWNes!!! Ok, not really.