The art of Poi

Anyone else got any experience with these babies?

Basicly, it’s two strings with weights attached in one end. My friend introduced me to them yesterday, and I gotta say, I’m impressed with them. The technique is just brilliant, you can easily do cool stuff and learn new tricks with them, they’re easily made (just a couple of lead weights, a string and some cloth, tie up and voila!).

Best thing of it all, you just gotta train around 10-15 mins a day, so they’re perfect when you’re waiting for the bus or something. And they give you super wrists. =)

Just be a little careful though… These things have a tendency of smacking into… Some place where it hurts… When you’re least expect it. Oh, and make sure you have some room to swing 'em… =P

I’ve done it before, not good at it.

<img src=“”> Nah man, a GBA is perfect for when waiting on the bus.