The AniMix Part 5

Those who know of it will already have it. Those who don’t, go get the previous four parts. Like, now. :smiley:

Dude, it’s been available for like a month and a half now. They’re working on a full video with proper ending credits, too.

I liked it better than part 4, even though some of the music was just bizarre and sucky. Part 4 was like, the calm after the storm (3). 3 was so great, that I was disappointed when I saw part 4, because it’s just dull (except for the Kare Kano part ^^)

Yeah, we, I’m slow and dont check often. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like this one much. The music kinda kills it for me. :frowning: Some of the worse tracks have been made less worse by some good sections (the drinking bit for instance), but I still like 4 the best. I DID like the final montage of all the sections though. That was pretty cool.

Plus, what the HELL made them put Full Metal Alchemist with a track like THAT? >:O

What is AniMix?

A reallly, REALLY long anime music video. The song is actually a roughly hour-long mix of eighties tunes.