The android

I’ve been wondering… what’s the deal with the Data picture in Char’s and Xelo’s signatures? Did Brent Spiner die or something?

Seeing the picture makes me sad.

Data died in Nemesis. I think that’s why they have it…

It still makes me sad.

Don’t worry, Data has a backup memory/brain and he gets a new body

At least that’s what I heard.

I used to have the biggest crush on Data. ^^ I even bought a really stupid musical soundtrack just because he has a bit part on there singing. Well, Brent Spiner has the bit part, not Data.

No no no, They find a Data prototype, called B-4, get it? Before! GET IT?! Anyway, B4 is like a retarded android, so Data uploads his memories and what not to B-4. So it isn’t data, its just got Data’s… Data. But they said they didnt even know it was going to be the last star trek tng movie. The guy that wrote Nemesis hated Star trek so he wanted to end the movie series.

However, I am writing a nemesis fanfic where it doesn’t have an Evangelion like ending. so look for that in the future.

PS: I made this pic, praise me!

Yeah, He died at the end of Nemesis. Although odds are they’ll just re-upload his memory banks to B-4’s database, and slowly it’ll evolve into the pleasant fool Data once was.

Or since the entire crew left, they’ll just make a new movie like the old one never existed, like Godzilla 1985

Or they could make a movie on one of the other series, like Voyager.

Fuck that sound.

Agh! So many Data sigs flying around! @_@

The Voyager series is finished. If they make anymore films, it’ll be about that shitty new one, Enterprise.

God, I fucking hate Enterprise.

Enterprise is such crap… it soils Star Trek -.-