the aetheria project

(for those who don’t yet know, aetheria is my rm2k3 game-in-progress mentioned in my sig)

(to everyone who volunteered, i’ll need your email addresses so i can send you the demo)

also, post any questions you may have about this. i’ll try my best to answer them.

I’ll volunteer for the “does this suck” portion. Just let me know where it is and what to do.

I wouldn’t mind beta-testing.

all right, i’ll send you all a demo of the game once i finish it.

Heh I must admit I’m rather anxious to see the demo.

Zhou, how much do you want me to ‘edit’ the pic I’m working on? Do you just want me to enhance what you have, or do you mind if I add some things?

No good at custom graphics, but I could have a go at character art, if you want.

Originally posted by Ooka
Zhou, how much do you want me to ‘edit’ the pic I’m working on? Do you just want me to enhance what you have, or do you mind if I add some things?

you can add things if you want, but try not to take anything out.

btw, i didn’t think so many people would want to help me. thanks, guys.

EDIT: to all of you who volunteered, i’ve finished the first demo of the game. i’ll hand it to a couple people at my school to see if it works, and then i’ll send it to you guys.

My email adress is in my profile. Make the topic “Aetheria”. I always delete all emials that aren’t from someone I know.

I don’t care if its on public display.

gg crono, i think i already sent you an email with the demo.

don’t worry, you’ll know me. i don’t think anyone else you know calls themself “zhou yu”

at least, i hope not…:stuck_out_tongue:

and gilg, i’ll send the demo to you as soon as i can get around to it.

I dont think I got it. I check my recently deleted mail, and it wasnt there. Would it be a big deal to send it again?

not really. i’ll send it to both you and gilg under the subject “aetheria”.

EDIT: dammit! the site that hosts my email account is down!p:unch::

sorry guys, maybe later…

When your email is back up, could you send me the demo too? Ill help with whatever i can.

I dont care if everyone knows.

Send me one please! I’d like to vouleenteer! Here’s my e-mail!

don’t try sending anything bad or wrong if you’re a prevert! I’ll amke sure you have a very slow and painful death! I know where you live!

wow. aetheria isn’t even finished yet and it’s already more of a success than i thought it would be.

and it’s all because of you guys that i have something to break the immense amount of boredom i call “saturday”.

thank you all, and i hope aetheria is a huge success once it’s finished!:smiley:

EDIT: btw, if i missed any of you, don’t hesitate to tell me.

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FAMILY?! I always thought it was rated M

Well there seems to be quite a few minors :hmm: