The Adventures of Lil Bush.

Watch and laugh.

Yes, it’s satire. Duh.

Mmm, satire.

Not half as funny as the fact that another world leader insinuated that he was the devil, and not only not being reprimanded, but publicly applauded by a good number of UN representatives.
Were I not afraid to make the obvious pun involving hell being hot, I would go so far as to say Bush was burned.

Making Bush look like a weiner. It’s only funny until he becomes one. Unless he not the Prez anymore.:mwahaha:

Who said that? Link please.

And what’s your avatar?

edit: Yep, saw it later. Thanks anyway.

Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan President. It shouldn’t be hard to find articles about it. It was third page in today’s Philly Inquirer.