The Advent Children OST is available to steal.

The only truely good part about the movie was the soundtrack. I’m listening to the rock version of One Winged Angel and holy Fucking God, I’m about to cream my pants. Anyway, I wont give the link, but for those who got the Movie, you undoubtly know where to get the soundtrack.

Yeah, it’s pretty good :smiley:

The AC version of One-Winged angel seems to have a synching issue in terms of the guitar/drum/symphony right when the drums and guitars come in… it just doesn’t seem to fit very well at all. It may just be me, though.
Although, it resyncs very nicely near the middle of the song, and gets exponentially better.
Overall the whole album itself is very nice. (<3 J-E-N-O-V-A)

Would you reccomend it to a non-FF7 fan ? <.<

Yes. Yes I would. The music itself is what really made the game/movie, to me. It’s all very good :slight_smile:

If you like metal, OOA will make you happy.

Not having seen AC yet I can sort of gather the feel of it from One Winged Angel. I was pleasently surprised by the additional lyrics. J-E-N-O-V-A disapointed me though. Too short. Give me the Black Mage remix anyday. Also the credit song owns all froobs.

The soundtrack compared to AC was nothing compared to other final fantasy soundtracks has it also, you can request tracks to be played, but it requalary requested, so you may listen to a good few tracks before you can do m. I think I soiled my pants with smegma, after some tracks.

Wow! One Winged Angel is a Black Mages, Ocestra and Oprea. They even redone all the Battle tunes.

Uh, ew!

You revived it to show disgust.