that's wierd...

Hey thank you TD for updating and thank you Weiila for reading them and stuff.

But why can I see those fics like Somewhere In Between Chapter 17 in ONLY the update section and not in the FF8 FANFICS section?

<img src=“”> Because I was STUPID and SLEEPY, and forgot to update the archives as well. Being fixed right now.

/kills Joker

Picky picky.

now wait a second what is this irritation towards me and what I say on this message board?

Ach no, I doubt Pierson was serious ^^;;

As for TD, you’re not stupid, you were just sleepy and then mistakes happen. You deserve a good deal of cheers after this :slight_smile:

Yeah Joker, dont take things said too seriously around here…

And Weiila you never read my coursework ;_;

I’ve been reading Heart of Darkness, A Poetry Handbook, the weirdest dramas created by the start of the last century, Jane Eyre, Gösta Berling’s Saga among others in the last few weeks. Excuse me if I’m a bit behind ^^;;

O_O Whoa!
In my best days, I can read three or even four books if I’m in the right mood, but this takes the cake.