That one Breath of Fire 2 retranslation...

Is that still going on? And if so, where does one learn news of it?

I think it’s already finished, I played it too.

German version is done, English one is still in the works. The last post in the blog was in January, but the guy in charge of the English version commented about a month ago saying he was almost done with it and it shouldn’t take much longer.

Look in’s forums, Personal Projects page.,2003.0.html

For the lazy amongst us.

Yeah, I haven’t tried the English translation. I played through a French one a while ago, and I was quite pleased with it.

Why does BoF2 need to be re-translated?

The first two games had pretty awful translations. Most of us never really noticed because we played them when were were younger and really didn’t care at that point.

Hmm… the story seemed pretty comprehensible to me, but then again, I don’t have another version to compare it to.

I think the story was simple enough to comprehend, but I believe there are a lot of lines that just have weird wording and grammar. It’s readable, but still strange.

… and missing letters that make no sense considering the text limits?

The story itself is mostly fine, the only blaring error I can think of was that nobody would have normally made the connection between Myria and Tyr. However, basically all the color and personality in the script was entirely washed out, so what was an already very old-school dungeon crawler became even more bare.

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