That FF-based browser game...

I know this is a strange thing to ask, but does anybody remember this browser game? Some people from the board used to play it some two or three years ago. It went like this:

The game is based on Final Fantasy, specifically FF5. Each player assembles a team of four characters. Each character has a job/class, level and equipment.

Players then challenge each other for battles. In a battle, each player has a minute to choose the battle orders for his team. After both players have confirmed their orders, or expired their round time, action takes place; or most likely, the page refreshes and it shows you the result of the turn. Repeat until all the four of a team faint.

It was a pretty light game that didn’t require anything but a javascript-able browser, or maybe not even that, to be playable.

I’m asking this because I absolutely can’t remember the name of the game, and I tried to google for it with all the expressions I could think of but still can’t find it.

Hunted to Extinction 2? I remember that. I remember the first one, too. I’d be surprised if it were still up and running. I’d maxed out my party, but after a while you get a little bored with it.

Dude, thank you. I need to reference it in an assignment I got. Even if it isn’t up now it’s been helpful, because I can find the author and ask him a few questions shall I need to do so.

Actually, it is still up and running. Albeit nobody is playing. Anybody wanna start up new accounts?

I’d be up for it, looks interesting enough.

The guy that owns it disappeared years ago but for some reason the hosting is still up. Wasn’t a bad little game, though it’s unbalanced as all hell.

It sounds fun. I’m interested.

Welp, I made my account. Lets get to it!

Yeah, why not. Username: Dorcas_Aurelia

I’m just Renan there. Fresh new account as well.

Heh, I remembered the password to my old account. Maxed-out characters, yay. Now I just need to remember what all the abilities are again.

Heh, I did too. But my guys aren’t maxed out, I gave up early. Anyway, my new account’s name is Mav - I challenged a few people but I don’t know if they’re around or what. I’m on if anybodies game.

I dug up my old account, party at Level 46. Username: ZableFahr