Text Centering

How would I get some text to be displayed in the center of the screen?

<div align="center">
</div align="center">

<div align=“center”>
</div align=“center”>

Or just [center]. That works too.

<div align = “center”><center> is kinda bad because it doesn’t work in all browser though.</div>

Dude, cless, she was talking about the vBcode of [.center]text]/center]


Maybe he was just pointing out that fact Xelo.

Well the way he said it, and the fact that he said it right after Nul’s post makes me think that he thought Nul was talking about <center>

Epic’s right and I am indignant that you would assume I would mistake Nulani’s [center] for a lazy version of <center> and I am not lying and my lawyers will see you in court >:(